I Am The True Vine show
Immersive 3D show "I Am The True Vine" was created in honor of the 150th anniversary of the wine house "Abrau-Durso". In this work, we've explored the sacred relationship between winemaking and art, the energy hidden in wine and the magic of creativity.
The show consists of 8 parts. This is an artistic interpretation of the theme of the birth of wine through the history of the Russian wine house “Abrau-Durso”.
The main character of the show is a vine, which appears in video content and is simultaneously complemented by decorations.
Setup. Space area - 160 m2
One of the main tasks was to break the rectangular geometry of the hall and provide the most comfortable viewing angle from all points of the hall. As a solution, a non-standard-shaped screen and lining of the hall columns with LED screens were chosen. The central installation symbolizes the image of the True Vine. The branches of the tree are covering the entire ceiling area and there are decorative elements with a built-in LED strip. The mirrored floor creates the effect of expanding the space.
While waiting for the launch of the Show, the setup works as a spectacular photo area for the audience. According to the artistic idea, the reflection of the tree branches from the mirrored floor becomes, as it were, an addition to its root system.
From the point of view of the choice of materials in the design and installation of the scenery, it was important to observe the peculiarities of the old historical complex Abrau-Durso.
The setup is designed to work for several years on a daily basis. The automation system makes it as easy as possible to control the entire complex of equipment using a single interface, turn it on and off with one button.